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Everyone deserves fair and equal treatment under the law, but our legal system can sometimes feel overly complicated and indifferent to your needs. In emotional and stressful legal matters, you need a dedicated attorney who will stand by your side. Contact Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad in Los Angeles, CA for skilled counsel in education law, employment law, estate planning and more.

Since 1972, our law firm has been committed to upholding fair treatment and justice in education law, employment law, criminal defense, civil litigation, disability lawintellectual property and more. Your attorney will use all available resources to defend your rights.

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Our clients rely on our sound legal counsel and representation to give them the best chances in court. Hire an employment or education attorney from Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad to benefit from:

  • Experience-with over 45 years of experience, our law firm will give you peace of mind in any legal situation.
  • Versatility-our attorneys offer a broad spectrum of services to help a wide range of clients in the Los Angeles, CA area.
  • Personalized attention-every case is different, and we will always craft your claim or defense to give you the best chance to succeed.

We offer free consultations to members of any teacher association regarding any legal matter; other consultation fees waived if retained. Count on us for thorough and detailed representation. Contact us today to speak with a legal professional about education, employment, criminal or disability law in the Los Angeles, CA area.